60 recruits.


That’s generally all it takes to find 2 people that will build to 6 figures in their career.


If you have one of them in two separate legs, you’ll generally make $100k.


But it’s actually a heck of a lot easier than you think for two reasons…


1. You can recruit 30+ people per month with Rebels systems.


2. You can make $500+ per new recruit on the day they sign up regardless of what company you represent.


Here’s the video I just made today about this:

But the bottom line is this:


You spend $500 in ads to close one rep into your team at $1,000 for the initial sale. (Again, don’t care what company you’re in. Just watch the video 🙂


So you make $500 in profit for each person that joins your team.


You’re doing this with advertising and an application funnel so you’re getting UNLIMITED people to apply to work with you everyday. This is not a joke.


No more stalking or waiting on hope.


Do this 20x per month (close one person a day - totally doable) and you make $10,000 per month in upfront commissions alone.


That’s $120,000 per year.


Oh and if you recruit 20 a month, that’s 240 per year. That’s 8 “leaders” - or those that will build their own 6 figure income on your team.


If you had 8 six-figure earners on your team, do you think you’d make at least $100,000 from your company?


I hope so.


It’s not about working harder with a broken system. It’s about changing the paradigm completely.


Here’s the video showing you exactly what I mean: https://youtu.be/g1nJc_VdDpg


Talk soon,




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