In 2015 I swiped a credit card for $997 to invest in my first “online marketing course”.


What’s crazy is my most recent lesson in online marketing was also my first. But I seem to have forgotten it…


Here it is: Your list is your biggest asset in online marketing.


Actually, it’s your biggest asset in any business.


Taking from an example in “Expert Secrets”, Russell shares the story of why Skype was acquired by ebay. Ebay could have easily replicated Skype with its team of world class developers. But instead ebay paid over $1 Billion for it.


Then in 2010, Microsoft paid $8.5 Billion for it.


Why would Microsoft pay for Skype when they could easily replicate it? Why would Facebook pay over $1B for Instagram when it could easily copy it?


The answer?


Their list. Or customer base.


During Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype, they had 660 million users on the platform.


Microsoft didn’t need the technology per se. They wanted the 660 million users. They wanted the trust that Skype had built up with them.


A company’s biggest asset is the relationship it has with its customers. In online marketing speak, this is translated into a “list”. A list is a group of people who know, like and trust you.


And buy from you.


The main reason I first learned to run ads was so that I could take traffic I had to buy and convert it into traffic I owned - my list.


Then I could build a relationship with the people on that list by sending valuable content. And when the times were right, I could make irresistible offers.


I say I forgot this lesson because most of our revenue at Rebels comes from our advertising. We only run 1-2 promotions to our various “lists” every year.


My goal is not necessarily to sell to our lists more but rather to add more value to the people that follow our work and offer solutions when appropriate.


I’ve been reminded of the value of a list. I highly suggest you not forget the lesson.


Here’s a podcast I recorded with a little more meat on the bones.


And in the meantime, if you have a list of people that know, like and trust you. Provide value to them. Give them the “thing” that you promised. When the time is right to join your business or buy your products, they’ll remember you…


Talk soon,




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