Your #1 role as an upline?


Most people think it’s helping a newbie sponsor someone in their first 30 days.


Some people think it’s helping them make $1000 in 90 days…


Some think it’s getting them to an event within 10 days.


All of those are helpful, no doubt.


But the goal is the same. Raising belief.


Your number one responsibility as an upline is to raise belief, which can take a number of forms.


It matters less about what you do to your team and more about how you make them feel. If they constantly feel beat down around you, they’ll go somewhere else where they feel encouraged.


Remember, we all move towards pleasure and away from pain.


But if they feel that their life will be better with you IN it versus outside of it, they’ll come back for more.


Even better, if they feel that you are an integral part of the vision that they have for their life (which you can help them find), then they’ll be nearly inseparable from your team.


So when your downline does stuff that you think is stupid (which it is many times), don’t crack them over the head with your PV whip…


Figure out something that they’re doing right. Even if it’s tying their shoes properly and EDIFY it!


Then remind them of their vision, and if they just changed these 1 or 2 things (like actually working), they could be right around the corner from realizing that vision.


Don’t lower the bar for your team. Set your standards high and learn how to lead them to a higher level of character and performance.


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