Network marketing promises to give you “life long” residual income.


That means that you have income that comes in FOREVER with or without you working, right?


So shouldn’t the NUMBER ONE person that has a solid residual be the one that is teaching how to get it?


I think so.


I find it ironic that so many coaches that teach people how to get “walkaway” residual income can’t walk away from their teaching business.


Because they don’t have any “walkaway” income. Lol it’s actually funny.


Anyway, here’s why they don’t have a team:

But it comes down to that building a team is a PITA. They’d rather sell the shovels than mine the gold.


I get it. It’s tempting. And I don’t deny the value that they sometimes bring to the industry. I also don’t deny that many of them are good people. I just think it’s incongruent.


I personally couldn’t sleep at night. But hey, maybe they just pad their pillows with their students' cash and sleep just fine. Idk.


Anyway, here’s the video:


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