You already know poaching friends and family doesn’t work long term or you wouldn’t be reading this.
Honestly, what I do is the easiest thing in the world. Because I’m just speaking truth.
The cool thing about the truth is - YOU know it when you hear it. I don’t have to convince you.
And sure, we can get a few people in our business with our warm market but if we’re being honest - it’s not sustainable and those that do get big results with those methods…
…Are a VERY rare exception to the rule…
In an industry that preaches a “system for success”, the methods are largely unpredictable. 
A true “system” or “program” is where it is an exception to NOT get results.
But it’s easy to be a critic. It’s easy to rip MLM apart.
It’s much harder to provide an alternative that actually works.
And that’s what Rebels is.
But I’m getting ahead of myself…
Let’s let the ocean teach us a lesson about why calling friends and family truly does NOT work in MLM.

We recorded this video about 3 months into our 18 months digital nomad journey and you know what’s cool about the ocean?


It doesn’t really change…


And neither do people (our prospects)


To get results we just have to adapt to them.


And this video not only exposes the true issue but more importantly, how to fix it and get on your way to getting the lifestyle you deserve.


The deck has been stacked against you in this world.


The school system has set you up for failure.


The government has set you up for failure - regardless of your political views.


And MLM has unfortunately… set you up for failure.


It’s time to take back what’s yours.


Here’s the video again:


Talk soon,



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