So many people think a Facebook shut down will put them out of business. That it’s all over.


Well it doesn’t. Not if you’ve been learning what really matters and unlearning what doesn’t.


What doesn’t matter?


-Magic bullet fixes
-Moot details
-Any ad account - including Facebook


What does matter?


-Your overall advertising prowess
-Your understanding of psychology and how to put that into a funnel
-Your ability and willingness to adapt


Early on in Rebels, we decided to focus on advertising instead of “free” traffic such as SEO or “branding.”




Because we wanted more control.


At the end of the day, there will always be a platform that will take our money in exchange for their eyeballs. And if we know how to liquidate that traffic (meaning make more than we spend), then we are never out of business.


On the contrary - those that base their strategy on SEO from day one are entirely at the risk of Google’s love.


If Google changes their mind as to what constitutes a good ranking, you get smoked and there’s little chance of recovery…


Remember, there’s no real competitor to Google right now. So if you make them mad, you can’t take your SEO anywhere else. You just get burned.


Is SEO bad? Absolutely not. In fact, we’re about to dump significant resources on our own branding and SEO firms to stabilize that part of the business.


But we all have to start somewhere and at the end of the day, I’d MUCH rather be able to write an ad and make money on it than be dependent on ONE company’s faithfulness.


That’s why we always teach timeless skills in a currently working platform.


Right now, those currently working platforms are primarily Facebook ads and YouTube ads but even if both of those shut us down, we could take our skills and go to the plethora of other options.


This podcast we just released talks more on the subject but if I could leave you with one thing it’s this…


Don’t worry about what works “fast.”


Worry about what works forever.


Everything you and I are doing now to grow our business WILL change in 3-5 years. So focus on timeless skill acquisition instead of a few recruits here and there.


A mentor told me that years ago…


And while I was fairly broke throughout most of my 20’s…


Things are different now and I’m 100% confident that even if Rebels exploded, I could make multiple 6 figures from home within 12 months of getting over my sadness in a completely different industry.


Here’s the episode again:


Talk soon,




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