I’ve been told multiple times in the last week to get on TikTok.


Do I think it’s EXTREMELY viable?




Will I do it?


Likely not.


But it has nothing to do with TikTok or it’s usefulness.


In fact, you should consider it.


Here’s why:

But it ultimately comes down to WHICH skill you want to master…


Catching waves or advertising.


You won’t master both at once. So you have to pick one.


I chose advertising for the lifestyle benefits but that doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for you.


What is the right choice? That depends on your lifestyle preference and more importantly...


Understanding the implications of “catching waves” because there will inevitably come a “slap” from TikTok that ultimately makes all of your effort worthless unless you properly transfer it.


Again, here’s the scoop: https://youtu.be/iyvhvHFwu9c


Talk soon,




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