The secret to a winning ad?
Nobody knows.
Seriously, NOBODY knows. Including me.
The only way you find a winning ad is by making a horse load of them and seeing which ones win and kill the losers.
The second you get emotionally tied to an ad, you’re screwed. 
Case in point:
When I made this ad, I honestly thought it’d crush it. It’s to the point, shows other people’s results and is modeled off of other successful ads we have.

But the truth is, it really hasn’t done that well overall.


Then there’s this ad:


I randomly shot it one day when I had a pretty stupid idea. I honestly thought it was a throwaway. I just made it to keep my ads manager happy since I promised I’d send him one to toss up.


But what’s crazy is, the “crying in the car” ad is still working now and I shot it in October of 2020.


The “other people’s results” ad is eh.


My point is that you DO NOT know which ad is going to win and which ad is going to lose.


That’s why I commit to producing 3 new ads per week.


Do I always hit that goal? No. But that goal is built on the experience that it typically takes me 5 ads to find one decent one.


For many, it’s as many as 30 ads to find a winner.


Either way, who cares. If you have the recipe, you’d be silly not to use it.


I see people throw 3 ads together, get crappy results and throw in the towel.


They literally haven’t even stepped into the second round of a twelve round fight.


So, if you’ve had bad results with your initial ads or funnels, don’t stress. Just keep pushing.


There is SO much less competition when you start producing 3 ads per week because almost no one is willing to do it.


Remember, we are not smarter than the market. If the market gives you money, it’s working.


Here’s the crying in the car ad again:


To your success,




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