The real reason people don’t succeed here is the same reason they don’t succeed anywhere else.


So, how is it possible that even with the #1 system in an incredible industry that people still fail?


There are two reasons:


First - They don’t follow the program.


Second - They don’t do the program long enough to get good.


What’s mind blowing is that the majority of failures - 80%+ DON’T FOLLOW THE SYSTEM.


They literally skip steps, don’t watch the videos in their entirety or mail in the tasks that they need to do.


Do you really think the world will yield a 6 or 7 figure income to anyone that won’t follow an online program?


People go to college for 4 years and go into 6-figure debt and can’t even crack 6 figures at a J-O-B.


And they think they can come here or into ANY form of making money in their own business and can get it with a couple grand invested and a half-assed effort?


I don’t care who’s offended right now. I care too much about you if you truly want to win.


If someone has the results you want and those results are current...




Stop building these frankenstein piles of crap that don’t work.




And STOP mailing it in.


You’re not reading this because you don’t want results. You’re reading this BECAUSE you do. So let’s do this.


The coach of a successful college sports program would kick someone off the team if they didn’t perform with 100% focus and intensity at EVERY single juncture.


I should know - Ashley was a full ride college athlete.




So, what’s the second reason?


They don’t do the program long enough to get good.


Meaning they don’t actually acquire the skills.


Meaning they suck at the business.


Listen, we all suck. Your job is to suck less daily.


Eventually you’ll suck less so much that you’ll be good.


It took me 8 YEARS of CONSTANT effort to stop sucking.


Yes, I’m trying to condense that learning curve for you but you have to be FULLY COMMITTED.


We don’t live the way we do right now because we’re smart.


No, we live this way because God is on our side and because we are RELENTLESS.


You must become RELENTLESS.


Whatever it takes.


When you start off in ANY endeavor. You will suck.


Some will be more natural than others but you will suck regardless.


You will be an anomaly if you get results right out of the gate and you’ll likely backfire within months if that’s the case.


Beginner’s luck.


And you’ll be right back with the rest of us.


You MUST decide to actually get GOOD at this.


Once again, you’d get kicked OFF the team in sports or in a job if you didn’t have the skills to produce.


Go try getting a regular job and see if you can keep it without being good at the job.


You can’t even flip burgers if you can’t flip a burger.


Decide right now to actually get good at marketing.


Decide right now to actually get good at network marketing.


Decide right now to actually study this.


It is YOUR responsibility.


Not mine. Not your spouse’s. Not the government’s. Not anyone’s.


It is yours.


So, once and for all, decide to succeed.


You do that by:


1. Following the program.


2. Getting good at the program.


And NEVER stop until the wall falls.


I don’t know how long it’ll take you. It’s different for everyone.


But I’ll tell you that you completely forget how long it took you once you get results.


So who cares. Your future self will thank you…


To your success,




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