It wouldn’t be a healthy Friday without Cinco Bala. This week's top 5 lessons, hacks and quotes I’ve been pondering, applying and battling.


For those of you who are new, this is a concept I took from Tim Ferriss. (This is just focused on MLM and online marketing) If you don’t subscribe to his newsletter. You should do it.


Lesson in Network Marketing: The Numbers DON’T Always Work - “Just talk to enough people and the right ones will show up.”


I’m sure you’ve heard that so many times, your ears bleed.


Well I’ve got news.


It’s kind of a load of you know what.


See, when you “just talk to a bunch of people” you’re at the mercy of your previous relationship with that prospect AND (it’s a big and) you have no freakin’ clue if that person is even interested in a business opportunity, let alone a home based business. (This isn’t even considering how much skill the networker has.)


“Talking to everyone” is literally the cardinal sin of true marketing.


Network marketing is truly the only profession I know of who’s representatives have no idea how to market even though it’s in their title.


How do you fix it?


Start controlling WHO you talk to.




Bring your business online and use PAID ADVERTISING.


It’s the only way you can actually target exactly who you want to talk to at scale.


AND It’s the only way you can transcend time with your business. Every “attraction marketing” hack and nifty little trick WILL BECOME OBSOLETE. (so will Facebook ads btw.)


What will survive?


Advertising on whatever platform is the most powerful (Facebook for now still) That’s why after our students master Facebook ads, we’re ensuring that they master the STRATEGY of advertising. Because strategy can be applied to any platform, long after the one you’re using dies.


Bottom line. If you’re not using paid acquisition to build your MLM, you will be completely at the mercy of whatever new post n’ pray “attraction marketing” trick is invented and scraping the friends and family barrel.


My suggestion? Dive into the world of REAL marketing. Study REAL businesses and apply what they do to MLM. If you don’t feel like figuring it out on your own…


Join MLM Rebels (Just so happens Black Friday is just around the corner 🙂


The definition of “Marketing: The art and science of helping those that need each other, find each other.”


Quote I Love: “You can’t stand for something if you chase everything”


Another Quote I Love: - “Happiness Is A Skill”


Wow. I’ve heard “happiness is a choice” but it never quite did anything for me. Although I’m generally optimistic, my happiness during the day can be quite random and “choosing” to be happy is always hard to implement. But a skill to develop? That I can wrap my head around…


Lesson in Online Marketing: Mickey Mouse Died - Sick of the “ATM” groups and “randomly” messaging people to pitch them your opportunity or product? Yea, me too…


It’s not real online marketing. In fact, it’s about ½ step above poaching people at a gas station. It’s just online.


Remember the golden rule of MLM Rebels: You must have a desired opportunity AND a leveraged way to market it…


What’s the key word?




A true marketing campaign has facets that no attraction marketing gimmick can hope to realize.


It’s passive. (automated) You don’t need to physically do anything to get the leads once it’s set up.It has unlimited scale. You can show your presentation or marketing message to 10,000 people just as easily and quickly as you can 10.


How much better does that sound? A lot I hope.


Remember to focus on TRUE online marketing principles, not gimmicks. Sure you might get some quick results with a nifty new trick here and there but very soon, the gimmick will lose steam and those who were focusing on timeless principles will take over once again.


I’ve been there. Maybe you have too. Choose to play the long game…


Talk soon!




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