I’ve had highly successful people on my team that are pipsqueaks today.


What happened?


They split their focus. They started doing everything else EXCEPT the thing that got them results to begin with.


I’ve had closers who were CRUSHING it and started screwing with the script and follow up processes that got them the results in the first place.


This isn’t a knock on them as people but this is stupid business.


This is the primary reason that the people who do get results, typically get stuck at $10-$20k/month.


Look, unless you’re at a MINIMUM of $100k/month, you should NOT be screwing with the process that got you results.


You should not be doing new funnels.


You should not be adding new traffic sources.


You should not be testing new scripts.


You should be FOCUSING on the process.


I explain it all in this video:

Henry Ford isn’t one of the most successful business owners of all time because he offered so many models…


He offered ONE.


Sam Ovens doesn’t have the most successful webinar in online marketing history because he split his focus. No. He’s been optimizing his webinar for 10 YEARS.


With primarily ONE traffic source.


Do you really think the talking heads and non-participating MLM coaches know what they’re talking about when they tell you to be omnipresent?


The only people that are “omnipresent” online are those that have massive teams or focused on ONE until they were the undisputed king.


My guess is you don’t have $50k/month to spend on a social media team. So, you’re going to have to FOCUS.


And even if you did have the money, the better strategy 99.9% of the time is to crush everyone in ONE thing before moving to anything else.


If you chase two rabbits they both escape.


Here’s the video again. Don’t skip it.




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