Not surprisingly the most important trait you and I need to inhabit is the hardest one. If it was easy, it wouldn’t be the most important trait of SUCCESSFUL people.


That trait is a learned skill that when applied can radically transform ANY area of your life including finance.


Here’s the podcast I just recorded on it:


But here’s the twist. The skill has a mind of its own. It likes to elude people.


In fact, it’s most unseen in people that think they have it.


It’s more evident in people that aren’t 100% sure of themselves.


The ones that question themselves seem to have it the most.


So that mechanism that causes you to question yourself... It actually lends itself quite well to this.


But there is a time when you must become confident AND harbor this trait. That is the golden ticket.


I’m getting ahead of myself. Here’s the show:


My advice is DO NOT skip this.


If you can’t develop this skill, you are doomed to never become successful OR lose your success and work for someone who chose to develop it.


Seriously. Don’t skip this.


Talk soon,




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