Your funnel doesn’t really matter.
And slaving over the design of it in the beginning is a giant waste of time.
See, no prospect actually cares about the button colors, how long it took you to build or who you funnel hacked.
They only care about one thing: Will it get them results?
And specifically the results that they want.
The MOST important aspect of your funnel is what’s called your “offer”.
An offer is just that, what do you offer them when they purchase from you and join your team.
If your offer is “membership to your MLM plus you”, that’s just not good enough. Unless you’re a Hollywood celebrity, that’s not going to help you.
So in order to succeed, you need to have an offer that NO ONE ELSE has and that your prospect NEEDS in order to get their result.
If that sounds daunting, it is. But it’s worth the work.
If you put the hardcore work into this, EVERYTHING else becomes easier. Literally EVERYTHING.
This video breaks down exactly how we build our MLM offers and how you can to: 

But here’s the thing: This accounts for 50%+ of the success of your funnel and business.


In fact, you can have a pretty crappy funnel with an amazing offer and absolutely DESTROY the whiz bang pretty thing with a crap offer.


The next most important thing is your copy.


Finally, it’s your funnel design or funnel type.


Think webinar, sales call funnel etc.


Once again, here’s the video explaining exactly how we do this for ourselves and how you can too:


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