CPL, CPL, CPC, Views, CTR…


The alphabet soup of metrics to look at is endless and you know what?


Most of them are utter BS.


Totally useless.


All that matters is money in vs money out.


Did you make more than you spend?


If so, then SCALE!


If not, then readjust.


The alphabet soup are signposts that point to the root cause of a failing funnel but not metrics to base major decisions around.


I explain it in this video:

What’s even worse are vanity metrics like shares, comments, likes and followers.


Unless you want to be social media famous, they don’t matter.




You can easily be at 7 and 8 figures without caring about your social media following.


Instead of worrying about CPM (who freaking cares), you should be focused on:


-Your targeting
-Your funnel
-Your copy
-Your business structure


If you have those things dialed, you can have CPC’s that look INSANE to most wannabes, yet crush them with your wallet.


So here’s the video again.


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