If you’ve been following along for a few weeks, you know that the lead wheel is soft launching soon.


Very soon actually. Tomorrow.


To bring you up to speed, the Lead Wheel is a co-op with us, in our best performing application funnel. Essentially, you can give us your ad spend and we put it in our funnel and give you the applicants that are generated.


So it allows you to get the biggest problem in MLM solved - lack of quality leads.


But do it without you needing to build the entire acquisition system.


Now, don’t misunderstand, it is still our primary goal to help people master the skill sets needed to succeed on their own. So they can’t be on the lead wheel forever as it’s basically riding on our wagon.


However, it helps our team focus on ONE skill at a time versus multiple. Let me explain…


There are two primary skills to recruiting at scale in MLM.


1. Lead gen
2. Closing


You cannot grow without one of them.


And again, our end goal is to help people develop the skills to be completely proficient in both of these things.


But instead of having you master two at the same time, which is what I and nearly everyone on the planet has had to do…


You can “buy-in” to our funnel and piggyback on the lead gen side of life while you master your closing ability.


Eventually, once you’re a master closer, you’ll get off the lead wheel and develop your own application generating system - which is what we teach in Rebels Recruiting System right now.


Pretty cool, right?


Now, before you get too excited, I must tell you a few things:


First is, this is only available for our personal MLM team. We are not rolling this out to teams outside of our MLM until a further date. If at all.


Second is, we are proceeding with caution. It is not our intention to give a hand out to those who could not build their own system. It is to help those that COULD build their own system, effectively master the skills in a stair-step approach.


So, we are carefully selecting the RIGHT people to participate. At the end of the day, we are basically giving professional ads/funnel management service away for almost nothing on the premise that our team’s growth will make up for it later.


The users are getting the benefit of a funnel with 18 months of data and optimization without spending any time or money of their own optimizing it themselves.


And since all business ebbs and flows and our funnels are no different, we will only accept the most emotionally and intellectually responsible people out there.


Anyway, I know you’re probably already building another MLM company. So this is more of a documentary as to what we’re doing and I’m excited to let you see how this unfolds…


Maybe you could do this for your team someday?


But if you think that you want to apply for the lead wheel’s soft launch, you can do that with this application.


Once you apply, be sure to reread the MLM Rebels Blueprint to get the full scoop on our history.


This podcast episode gives some more insight as to the soft launch which is happening tomorrow, 8/21.


I’m excited to let you know how this unfolds!




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