The first step for success in MLM Rebels is to fully and completely abandon EVERY ounce of old school BS.
Yes, you must renounce stalking friends, Facebook groups, malls and gas stations entirely.
I know many of you will be ecstatic to get this green light while a few die hards will not let go as easily.
That’s fine because we’ll all come around eventually.
Either way, chew on this…
How does any business outside of MLM truly scale?
Is it by stalking friends?
Getting friend lists from other friends?
Business owners that have actually scaled something know that the ONLY way to sleep well at night is to know where your next customer is coming from.
There is only one answer: Advertising.

I bare it all in this video:


But the bottom line is that in order to actually have a BUSINESS instead of a high paid babysitting job, you need to be able to acquire customers and reps on demand and at scale.


You do that by mastering advertising and the current sexy platform.




Master marketing strategy + Facebook ads (or YouTube ads or TikTok ads or whatever)


If you can do that, you’ll hit your goals faster than you thought possible and when Facebook slaps you in the face it doesn’t matter…


Because you can take your marketing strategy and move it to a new platform that didn’t slap you.


Does this make sense?


I hope so. Because once I figured this out, I went from failing miserably for 6+ years of FULL effort to crushing my previous income goals (like 7-8x’ing them) within 18 months.


Here’s the video again:


Talk soon,



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