Most network marketers fail to go full time because it takes so long to build a team of 300 - 1000 people and they slow down or quit before they get the medal.


Yes, I know some teams that are expensive to operate in can have less people to hit full time income.


And yes, I know that there are bonuses, quick start packages and other spiffs to help you go faster.


But the fact remains, if you want a SUSTAINABLE full-time business, you need a large team that continues to grow.


The death trap is when you’re in between 0 and 1,000 reps.


The money is low and you have to run on mental resolve.


The trick to fixing this is to COMBINE online marketing with network marketing.


If you do it like I show you in this video, you can legit go full time in 3-6 months.

And when I say full time, I mean $5k/month+ of take home cash.


And yes, I know that $5k/month to some of you is not enough. We couldn’t even cover our house payment on that.


But $5k a month take home is what you make in a $100k/year job after taxes and insurance. And it’s what we used to live on in the Chicago suburbs.


And if you do your taxes properly, you should keep most of your business profit.


So, how do you do this?


Combine an online course or “system” sale with the enrollment of your network marketing opportunity.


So when someone signs up, they purchase a $1000 system (or whatever) AND enroll in your company.


The $1000 is YOURS to pay off the ads and keep the remaining as profit.


If you’re doing this right, you should be keeping at least 50% of the system commission or sale amount to pay off your ads and profit from.


That means that you only need between 5-10 recruits per month to be a full time builder.


10 x $1,000 = $10,000 gross - $5,000 ads = $5,000 profit + the network marketing income.


See, the goal is still to build a giant team that you can’t blow apart with a nuclear warhead but I’ve found that you can build a heck of a lot faster if you’re actually FULL TIME.


AND you can have a life outside of your hustle.


So, here’s the full skinny on the process:


I have never been this upfront with our process in a public setting. This kind of information has always been behind a paywall.


I hope you enjoy.


More than that, I hope you apply this.


Talk soon,




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