“Spend 90% of your time prospecting!”


The biggest lie in network marketing reverberates around our industry daily from well-meaning upline and generic MLM “coaches”.


I was told this lie for years. So were you. And it makes sense - if you don’t have prospects, you have no one to sell to or recruit.


Here’s the thing they’re missing…


YOU don’t have to go get the prospects. In fact, it is financially IRRESPONSIBLE to do so. Let me explain…


You, personally are worth somewhere between $10/hour and $1M/hour right? If you took your actual annual income, including your job and any other sources and divided it by 40 hours per week, my guess is you’re somewhere between $25-$150/hour. I know some reading this will be less and some will be more. But before we move on, let me ask you this…


If you’re making $50/hour, would you let me pay you $15/hour to clean my house? How about to service my pool each week or detail the cars?


No. You wouldn’t. Why?


Because you are worth more than that. You can have a higher impact on your finances by focusing on your business or your job. Not cleaning my house.


In fact, it’s borderline offensive to offer someone making $100k/year, $15/hour.


Here’s the kicker.


99.99% of all network marketers do this every single day. They accept pennies on the dollar to do an at best $15/hour job…


Worst of all - they’re taught to do it by their genius “coaches.”


See, if you or anyone is performing ANY task that is worth less than your hourly rate, not only are they being irresponsible, they are not being as effective as they could.


Now, I know if you’re here, you’re trying to be as effective as possible at wealth creation and impact.


Here’s what’s nuts - Canvassing a neighborhood passing out fliers is LEAD GEN. Yet you never see the owner (at least you shouldn’t) of the roofing company passing out fliers. Why?


Because that guy is (hopefully) laying the roof himself or better yet passively managing teams of roofers.


See, canvassing the neighborhood is a $10/hour job. Managing the roofing teams is a $100 - $1,000/hour job. That guy knows his worth and focuses where he has the biggest impact in the business.


Network Marketers biggest impact is in the ACTUAL act of recruiting and leading their teams. End of story.


It is NOT prospecting.


Prospecting is a $10/hour job.


Well, there’s a host of other activities that we’re taught to do that are downright stupid. Here’s what’s nuts - 50%+ of those activities should be eliminated entirely. They’re not even worth being delegated or automated.


No wonder why most networkers overwork themselves for a measly check. These well intentioned and trusting reps are misguided from day one on what it takes to actually run a business.


Well, here’s what’s awesome: Tomorrow, I’m going to send you a team training I did that got so much press that we turned it into a training for you.


Here’s what’s better: That training - called “80/20 for Network Marketing” is completely free.


In fact, I’m putting it on our podcast so everyone can apply it.


But here’s what I want you to do with it.


1. Take copious notes. Yes you can re-listen to it but those who engage, retain. And if you retain this and then apply it… you can cut your working time by 70%+ and make 100’s% more money. I’m not joking or exaggerating. This is precisely what happened to us.


2. Pretend you invested $1000 or $2000 for it. Those who pay, pay attention. I know for an absolute fact that many readers will not apply this training specifically because I’m not charging for it yet. (I will soon)


Here’s what I’ll tell you. Applying these principles took my personal work weeks from 60 hours+ and making a profit of less than a few grand per month to working 4-5 hour relaxed days, with a couple 30-60 minute breaks in there and an income that allows us to live very well in San Diego with all the fixin’s.


I’ve also had people who heard this training the first go around come to me and tell me that they received more actionable value in those 40 minutes than they did investing $35,000+ for personal coaching with household name gurus.


That being the case, write a fake check if you have to simulate it. But sincerely pretend your bank account got noticeably smaller in order to receive this. It could change your life as it did ours.


I’ll send it to you tomorrow. The email subject is: Get 95% of the Results with 5% Effort…




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