The Best Investment Strategy in 2021...


Save during each pay.


Create an emergency fund of 6-12 months of FULL expenses.


Hedge your savings with gold, silver or bitcoin (if you believe in it).


Grow into the next phase of assets - which are cash flowing assets that you control.


Don’t buy into 401(k)’s, IRA’s or mutual funds.


Only invest in speculative investments (like stocks) with money you can lose UNLESS it is your expertise.


The full rundown is in this video:

The video is titled “The Best Investment Strategy in 2020” but I’m sharing it now because it is EVEN MORE imperative you heed this than ever before.




That means that you need to make as much as humanly possible RIGHT NOW and invest it into assets.


I’m so confident that you’ll get insane results if you use the Rebels programs as intended that I’m also screaming from the rooftops that you need to KEEP the money you make.


So watch the video, implement it in a responsible way and don’t forget the first step…


Get your CASH FLOW UP!


Your business is THE fulcrum lever for your investments and for your daily expenses.


If you are not making at least $100k yet from your business, it’s time to make it happen.


If you’ve been sitting comfy at a few hundred grand, it’s time to crack 7 figures.


Once again, here is the best investment strategy of 2020 and 2021.


I’m so excited to step into the future with you.




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