People often ask what the #1 secret of retention is…


The brick to the face is that it has MUCH less to do with how much money they make than most upline think.


In fact, most people who claim that it’s all about their downline making money generally haven’t had a team that’s stuck together for more than 5-10 years. Sure there’s exceptions but I’m not interested in the outliers right now.


And the people with the HUGE teams only have a small handful of reps that are really making some dough.


A top earner in five companies once told me that for a team of about 10,000 people, only 8 are really driving the growth.




So if 8 are driving the growth… and there’s 10,000 people. That means that there probably aren’t more than 100 people making multiple 5 or 6 figures.


So why are the other 9,900 people staying in the business?


3 reasons:


-They’re making a lot of money. (They're the 100 in my example)
-They think they’ll make a lot of money someday.
-They’re having so much fun they don’t care.


So how do you get the second two?




How do you get culture?


At its core it’s about two things.


Creating UNITY.




Your ability to keep your people’s mind on their business until they’re strong enough to keep their own mind on their own business.


You are in a battle of the minds. Your downline is being pulled in 1,000 different directions everyday. The reason they don’t stay in and grow is not because they’re incapable.


It’s because they’re NOT thinking about you as much as you’re thinking about them.


So you need to KEEP THEIR MIND on THEIR business until they’re strong enough to do it on their own.


Sound difficult?


It’s actually not. It just might be a new situation for you. But with the right know-how, it’s quite simple.


But before we learn how to keep their mind on their business, we have to create unity in the team. Make sure everyone is heading in the same direction.


So how do you create unity?


I recorded a podcast not long ago on this exact subject titled "Don't be a Bonsai". You can listen to it here:


Or you can check out this video I made for you on it:


And we’ll discuss the next steps shortly.


Talk soon,




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