I’m going to save you a year or two of your life right now. How?


By showing you exactly what I did wrong that took us nearly 24 months to identify and fix.


See, building recruiting funnels is clearly the superior and really only way to build network marketing in 2021. (unless you want to stalk people for pennies on the dollar)


And duplicating them does work.


In fact, they duplicate way faster than building old school.




You have to do it right.


I bare all in this training:

Here’s the thing: Just like old school network marketing. Only the very top people will actually become leader's.


Back in hotel meeting days, only the very best actually spoke on the stage and recruited the people.


And here, only the very best will actually build a working funnel that recruits 5 - 30 people per month.


Building a successful funnel is the hotel meeting speaker equivalent from the medieval times.


My point is that most of your reps will NEVER have the capacity to actually build, tweak and get results from a funnel.


But this is what I did for over a year. I tried to teach Johnny Nobody how to do it through online courses, support etc etc.


But you know what? Most of the people who actually did get results were either so iron clad that they’d pound through ANYTHING or…


I did it for them.




The fix?


YOU build the funnel. Generate an excess of leads and send them to your team.


Once the 5%’ers identify themselves, THEN teach them (and only them) how to do what you’ve done.


It’s just like the duplication process from old school.


Newbie -> Brings guests to hotel meeting. Now he gets leads from me.


Intermediate -> Always brings guests and enrolls them. Now he gets more leads from me.


Pro -> Speaks at hotel meeting. Now I teach her how to build her own funnel.


This is how it’s done.


This one change has exploded our business. Trust me, you don’t want to fall into the same trap. I’m saving you years off your journey right now.


Here’s the training with all the details.


Talk soon,




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