I have a confession.


I don’t have a fancy funnel.


I don’t use messenger bots, a million layers of automation or the “newest” tools.


In fact, if I can be super honest…


The funnel isn’t even that special.


But it does get magical results. And I can show you how to get the same magical results right now in the second video of the series.

But here’s what it comes down to: Your product market fit (what we talked about in yesterday’s video), your copy and a SIMPLE funnel.


The funnel itself is simply the medium that the prospect will consume the information from.


It just so happens that the most mind blowing funnel we’ve ever used is also the most basic.


Meaning you could literally build it in a day or two.


So take a deep breath and exhale. You DO NOT need to understand what every single marketer is doing right now to get results.


You DO NOT need to funnel hack everyone in existence.


And you don’t need a complicated funnel with mensa club level automation.




You just need this.


Here’s the training.


Talk soon,




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