This is the most important video, I promise you.


Tomorrow we’ll talk about the sexy funnels but I GUARANTEE that they'll fail if you skip this.


There is absolutely zero doubt in my mind.


However, if you watch this intently and internalize what I’m teaching you, you can honestly skip the funnel and duplication video because you’d eventually figure them out.


Here’s the video. Removing the Business Cancer. Step 1 of 3.

The bottom line is this: Before you grow, you must secure the foundation.


And no, I’m not talking about your “thought process”.


I’m not talking about your work ethic or something esoteric.


I’m talking about cold, hard, concrete foundation.


If you build a racecar with a weak foundation (engine block), I don’t care how many go-fast parts you strap on. It will break and it’ll cost more to fix it than if you just started properly.


If you build a house on the dirt, it will come down.


But this is exactly what most MLMers are taught to do.


So even if they do grow, it’s short lived and falls apart.


If they hold it together, they’re in a $150k/year rat race. Which sucks.


I’m going to show you how to build this thing on a rock so you can not only go full time but pound through each $100k increase like it wasn’t even there WHILE keeping the SAME schedule AND a life.


Once again, here’s the training.




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