It wouldn’t be a healthy Friday without Cinco Bala. This week's top 5 lessons, hacks and quotes I’ve been pondering, applying and battling.


For those of you who are new, this is a concept I took from Tim Ferriss. (This is just focused on MLM and online marketing) If you don’t subscribe to his newsletter. You should do it.


Lesson in Network Marketing: Sponsoring Solves Everything - Whenever I have someone asking how they can get their downline to work more, what I actually hear is:


“How do I get someone to do something they don’t want to do?”


You don’t.


You don’t get someone to do something they don’t want to do. Do you know what you do instead?


Personally put someone else in.


I know some people don’t want to hear this but…


Quality comes from quantity.


You CANNOT sniper rifle your way to 10 leaders. I’ve met ONE top earner who said he did that and I later found out that his business was a sham.


You MUST recruit mass.


Out of the mass comes quality.


Then you work with them to repeat the process.


Lesson in Online Marketing: Do Not Slow Down - A common, misguided piece of advice I hear in the business world is to slow down when the world slows down. Actually, it doesn’t come from the business world…


It comes from the unsuccessful world.


At a time like this, during emotional unrest with the election etc., ads can get quite expensive. Politicians are hogging the ad networks and it can be harder to grab people’s attention - thus driving up costs.


Some people make less buying decisions right now, thus revenue can drop.


So expenses increase and revenue decreases. Which is bad for business.


However, I’m thankful to have learned very early on in my business career that the truly successful NEVER SLOW DOWN.


In fact, when others turn it down, they speed up.


They make more investment decisions.


They take more action.


The competition has self-selected out of the race. I didn’t even have to take them out.


So all I have to do is stay on the road. If I do, I’m the ONLY person my prospect is thinking about when they’re ready to move.


So, two takeaways:


1: If you need to make a business decision, do it NOW! Do not wait until your competition catches up. (Remember, EVERY other rep in MLM is your competition. Do not be fooled).


2: If you’re already in the action mode, increase it. Turn up your ad spend. Increase your activity.


My MOST profitable months in business are November and December. The same months when my competition (other reps and gurus) slow down.


This is the time.


Press in.


Quote I Love: My first upline was famous for saying - “The Best Time is Now”.


I agree wholeheartedly.


Book I’m Reading: One to Many - I picked this up while randomly scrolling my Kindle. Jason Fladlien is regarded by many as the “expert’s expert” on webinars. And as much as I try to avoid the “I know it all” mindset, sometimes I can find myself not reading about subjects I know about because of it.


I’m about 25% in and nearly every page is filled with actionable advice that built on what we were already doing. It’s more of an advanced book that is really only helpful for those that are fully committed to actually building a webinar. But if you are, I would consider it essential reading already.


Personal Business Update: Lead Wheel - As you may know, we took on a big project that quickly turned into a gorilla sized project called “The Lead Wheel”. Essentially, we’re allowing our team to “buy leads” that we generate from our funnels so that they can get in the game ASAP while they put together their own marketing systems that are taught through the Rebels programs.


Since we’re one of the only networkers (maybe the only ones) who generate mass leads at scale with Tier 1 ad networks like YouTube and Facebook AND make a profit on our advertising, we figured it’d be no biggie to just ramp up the scale and distribute leads out to those on our team who wanted them.


Well, that was far from the truth.


In fact, it’s been my biggest project to date with the least amount of front end profit. In fact, we’ve made $0 from it so far.


...on the front end…


But we’re already sending out as many as 500++ insanely targeted leads PER WEEK to our team from Facebook and YouTube ads. And yea, these are the exact same leads I personally use to recruit.


That number is increasing everyday and the obvious goal is…


To have thousands of reps with UNLIMITED leads in our downline. So the back end,


Could be substantial…


And once they have their feet under them in business, they execute the rest of the Rebels program to build their own marketing systems.


The biggest challenges have been logistics and scaling.


Anyone with a Facebook or YouTube account can spend $10,000 per day in ads. I wouldn’t pay anyone for that. It takes a TRUE expert in the field to spend $10,000 in a day and get results.


As you may know, when you scale ad spend, results inevitably go down. So scaling was initially quite challenging.


The next was logistics. Meaning sending the leads out to the team in proportion to what they ordered. So if person A wants 100 leads, person B wants 500 and person C wants 20, who gets what first?


And how do you send them out with minimal error and human intervention?


What about if you multiply that scenario x 100…


Or 1,000?


You can start to see the craziness already, I’m sure.


But that’s on our end. Internally. The point of this is to take stuff OFF our team’s plate so they can focus on acquiring the skill set of closing new reps into their team.


After 75 days of quite honestly, the most stressful time in business to date…


The Lead Wheel is banging on all cylinders, predictably.


Our scale is increasing everyday, predictably. And so are the leads going out.


The small band of brothers and sisters that ‘beta tested’ the Lead Wheel are beginning to flourish and some of them are even making a profit on their first try. Which honestly surprised me.


I’m excited about the future with this bad boy.


I hope you have an amazing weekend.


Talk soon,




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