I’ve heard old school networkers recruiting 10 in 10 days, which is pretty good.


Problem is, it’s usually a one time burst. They burn their list in the process or burn themselves out staying up all night stalking Facebook groups and LinkedIn.


They say to “play the numbers game.”


Been there, done that. I’d rather chew on glass.


See, to recruit 30 people EVERY 30 days (not just once) you need a system that brings QUALITY prospects to you on autopilot.


If you get 3 super high quality applicants per day and have a 30% close ratio, do you realize you’d recruit 30 people each month?


This is not theory. This is historical fact in Rebels.


And I explain the whole thing in this video

But the bottom line is to STOP trying to put band-aids on the business. It is worth it to put together a system that literally works while you sleep.


Sure, you might lose some short term success or recognition but honestly… that short term growth rarely pays off nowadays anyway.


Instead, you’ll take some time to build and perfect an application generation system that brings UNLIMITED already interested and qualified people to you DAILY.


And best of all, this is not some attraction marketing starter kit. This is ACTUAL marketing.


You’re not gonna have to post pictures of a fake lifestyle, whiz bang vitamin juices or before and after pics and best of all…


You’re actually going to have a life.


Sound good?


It is.


5 years ago, we decided to forego the short term profit and recognition to build our first system.


Today, we’re reaping the rewards.


You’re going to be 5 years older in 5 years. Might as well put something together your future self is happy with.


Here’s the video again:


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