As you know, I spent 6 years stalking people and ruining relationships to build a measly little business.


After expenses I was making less than $1,000/month if the stars aligned. Not exactly freedom material.


Today, we can easily clear $1k a day.


Ok, actually it’s way more but the reason we can do that is because we QUIT.


We quit listening to the rhetoric that wasn’t working and began to seek out what was working with ferocity.


This concept of quitting what sucks is so impactful that it’s the topic of my most recent video ad.


You can check it out here:

Notice the format though.


I start by saying “Quitting network marketing is one of the best things I’ve ever done.”


Think that grabs people’s attention?


That’s the purpose.


Within seconds the viewer already knows I’m pro-MLM and want to help them but the first 3 seconds are VITAL to calling out your target audience in a way that they know the ad is for them and keeps them engaged.


This is called a “pattern interrupt” and we need to be good at using these types of tactics.


Now, obviously I wouldn’t share this ad with you if it wasn’t working. It’s one of our top two performers right now.


You can check it out here and model the format for your ads.


Talk soon,




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