Nobody wants to join my MLM.


Or yours.


Bummer dude.


Here’s the truth: Most companies are pretty similar.


They have consumable products sold in a multi-level commission structure with commission ranging from 30-50%.


No one's company is really that special.


At the end of the day, the company’s job is to fulfill on the products and commission and be intelligent to not blow themselves up.


It is our job to do the marketing. That’s why they pay us.


So, if we’re all selling a commodity for arguments sake, how do you win?


By selling an all encompassing OPPORTUNITY.


This video explains what I mean:

But here’s the skinny:


Your prospect’s first question once they get started is: “What do I do now?”


And if your answer is anything close to “go stalk people on Facebook”


Or hit people on LinkedIn…


They’re going to do that for about 2 days before getting hit with an ad on Facebook for something far sexier like shopify, Amazon or course sales.


Not exactly a fair fight.


See your SYSTEM of growth + your MLM = your opportunity.


If your opportunity sucks, no one will join and if they do, they won’t stick. Nice residual.


It is our job to create an opportunity that gets results. And if you and your team aren't getting results, the system is busted. The opportunity sucks.


So, let’s get this puppy fixed up and cranking out a serious profit.


Here’s the video:


Talk soon,




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