"1,671 people.
That’s how many people applied for more information for our opportunity in a 30 day period.
We recruited more of them in 30 days than “top recruiters” will in a year…
And we made 6 figures doing it.
In 30 days.
So, if you’re trying to build network marketing in the traditional sense, you’re no doubt getting dragged across the coals of rejection and making a heck of a lot less than you deserve for how much you’re putting in.
If you want to get thousands of leads a month, recruit 10, 20, 30 people or more per month and make 6 figures every 30 days while doing it…
Than the MLM Rebels Blueprint is the key to getting those results NOW instead of wasting years getting rejected and making less than you’re worth."
That’s the rough synopsis of one of our most recent YouTube ads titled “How Is It Possible?”
I wanted to share this with you to impart the lesson that your prospect ultimately doesn’t care about anything other than the results that you can help them achieve.
But they only care IF you can back those results up with proof.
Here’s the format:
1. Showcase results.
2. Prove the results.
3. Reveal how to do it.
4. Show them how painful it will be to attempt this without you.
5. Give them a call to action on how to do it with you.
Here’s the ad again. Pay attention to the structure and follow it the next time you make a video.
Talk soon,
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