We have a saying in marketing - “He who can spend the most to acquire a customer, wins.”


I like saying “He who can spend the most to acquire a REP, wins.”


I’m going to show you how to spend money (while making a profit) to acquire reps AT SCALE so that you don’t have to waste time with tasks that are beneath you.


Like prospecting.


See, the reason why network marketers stay broke for so long is because they waste their time finding prospects manually to only make a few hundred bucks when they enroll.


And THEN they need to wait until they have 200-1000 reps on their team before they even make $5k per month.


I designed a TWO page funnel that recruited 30 reps within 45 days of its launch.


It then went on to recruit 30 days per month. Month over month.


All it was, was an optin page and a video page with an application. That’s it.


The REAL business is not the “funnel”, it’s the strategy underneath it. Think of it like an iceberg.


In this video, I reveal the full iceberg so you can implement it in your business right now.

But here’s the bottom line:


-Sell a “system of growth” with your MLM enrollment.


-Promote the “system of growth” in your ads instead of the MLM itself.


-Run a two page funnel. Optin page with the lead magnet/application page.


-Close your applicants into the system and your team.


-Don’t break focus until you’re at $100k/year minimum.


The “system of growth” is just that. A system that your new reps will use to actually grow the MLM business.


You charge $1,000 or whatever for it and use that money to fund your advertising and pay your personal expenses.


Then you scale the funnel up until you’re recruiting as many people as you can possibly handle,




You never have to spend ONE SECOND prospecting anyone. The ads and funnel does it FOR YOU.


I’m still getting LIMITLESS prospects from a funnel I built 2 years ago. Barely touched it since.


Again, here’s the video:


Talk soon,




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