I cut my teeth in sales in the car business. Yea plaid jacket and everything. 
Just kidding. 
There’s some goofy stuff in that business but we knew one thing for sure…
If the prospect said “they have to do _____ but they’ll be back in 30 minutes”
They weren’t coming back.
Once you became a grizzly old veteran, you recognized this lie and took measures into your own hands.
Want to know how we overcame it?
Taking deposits.
I literally had prospects come back to finish the deal on a $50,000 car because they left a $100 deposit.
It’s INSANE. People’s commitment SKYROCKETS when they have any sort of money on the table.
This lesson became so powerful that we implement it in our business now and enroll 98% of all prospects that leave a deposit.

I explain the strategy here:


And since I’m so kind, I’ll let you know to skip 1:30 to get right into it. 🙂


Also, I reveal another secret to the process that you MUST implement for it to work at minute 3:30, so don’t skip around.


And if you’re wondering if taking deposits still works in an online world that COVID has forced on us.


The answer is yes. I don’t teach you theory like most gurus. I teach you what is working right now as I’m typing because I actually drink my own kool-aid.


Here’s the video:


Talk soon,



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