Most MLMers are broke because they aren’t able to sustain themselves while building.
It takes a long time to build a team that makes enough money for you to live on. 
The secret to speeding this up while maintaining a good culture that’s built on a rock (retention) is to make money UPFRONT from your recruiting efforts.
If you make between $50 - $200 when someone gets signed up, there’s almost no way you’ll go full time off of that income alone. 
The trick to solving this is by combining a product that you own or have significant commission on with your MLM enrollment.
That’s one of the reasons people invest in a Rebels program before signing up in our team.
We (or the sponsoring rep) makes between $625 - $1500 on the first day the person signs up.
That means you need a LOT less people enrolling each month to build full time.

I explain the process in this video:


Now, obviously you still need a massive team to have RESIDUAL income but how much better is it to focus on JUST your business instead of splitting your focus on whatever you’re doing now to put food on the table?


That’s why many of our downline can go full time within a couple months.


Do you think they grow faster than the average networker? Of course.


They don’t even have to be more skilled. They’re beating the average MLMer on time alone.


If they’re putting in 40 hours a week from month three, they’re crushing the competition and keeping a life.


And that’s the goal right? A life. Not just an income.


Once again, the details on how to do this are in this video. Enjoy.


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