It’s true that in many ways we are living our “dream”. We have a strong business with a good income. I’ve bought the cars I want, live in paradise and get to see my wife an
boy anytime I want throughout the day.


Now, don't get me wrong. I’m not here to blow sunshine up your rear…


Things can get very, very hard running a business. Make no mistake.


There are incredible months and there are crappy months.


While the rewards outweigh the costs, there are very difficult moments, days and
months. So let’s just remember I live in reality too.


There’s a reason I focus on helping you build your business rather than showing off
our stuff. I know you don’t really care about my stuff and honestly, I think it’s
hokey anyway.


I’d rather teach you how to produce on command and then you can do whatever you want
with your increased options.


Regardless, I’m happy with where we are and excited for the opportunity to keep


But it wasn’t always that way…


Not even close.


In fact, I spent 6 years failing BAD. Like real bad before having a glimmer of hope.


So I re-told my “origin story” last year because honestly…


Those are the stories that kept me going when I was down and out.


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But if you don’t wanna hear me talk for 30 minutes about the bloody details, here’s the bottom line of the story…


I got into MLM in 09’ and failed hard for 6 years. Cold contacting people at gas stations, working 40-50 hours a week in my business while holding down a full time job, the whole nine…


In 2015 ish, I got fed up and started poking my head in the online marketing world…


And the rest they say is






Because it was a BRUTAL umbilical cord pull and a BRUTAL learning curve.


In some ways, still is. Everyday.


But once we broke through, we went from $3k/month to $16k/month virtually overnight…


And then have been climbing to and well above $100k/month since then…


This year, it is our goal to hit $600k/month. Mathematically, it’s doable but we’ll
see how the year unfolds.


That said, know that whatever you’re going through is worth it.


I had to drive Uber to pay for my first 5 months of ads on Facebook. Yes it sucked.


But man was it worth it.


Whatever you’re going through will not only be your breakthrough but maybe someone
else’s too…


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Talk soon,


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