This ad took me 10 minutes to record.


3 takes. Total run time of 3:47 and virtually zero prep.


I thought of the idea in about 30 seconds and it went nuts.


In fact, it’s still one of our best performing ads today… over a year later.

So, am I an ad genius?


I wish.


But no.


So if everything I said is true, how in the world did I make a winning ad in 10 minutes?


Because I made 4-5 losing ads that same week.


And I made 4-5 losing ads the next.


We had hit a rut in our advertising. So my ads manager and I at the time decided to crank out new ads to the tune of one per day.


I didn’t hit the goal but I did pound out a lot. Totally backed up the ads editor.


But I still had a business to run and a life to live. I couldn’t spend all day thinking of ideas and editing crap.


So, I just pulled out my camera once a day and hit record.


That’s where this came from. I literally had NO idea it would do well.


But it did. And still is.


So, if you’re struggling to think of the next big idea for an ad or funnel… many times you just need to get moving.


Here’s the ad again:


Talk soon,




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