Being action taking entrepreneurs, it’s easy to get impatient with our business. I mean I was coming off the cusp of a glorious 6 year failure and trying to make it online…


After buying my first online marketing course and reading Dotcom Secrets, I was hooked AF.


Now I had no idea it would take me 9 months and 15+ tries with ad money I made from hustling Uber to make it happen.


But it did.


Legit, when I learned how funnels worked, I had the same confidence a bright eyed newbie had when they saw network marketing for the first time. I really thought I’d be able to kill it within days.


That's just not reality. In order to make any legitimate money in ANY business, you need to be skilled.


Mechanic? You have to know what you’re doing.


Doctor? You have to know what you’re doing.


You get the picture.


But 9 months in, this happened:




I spent $10,204.67. (I started with $40)


I made $10,773.30.


I got 1,227 leads.


All were interested in my business.


Here’s the funnel btw.


So to recap, in the glory days, I’d cold-contact 10 people a night at gas stations (6 years straight of this).


That’s 300 people a month (yes, I really did this).


Multiplied by $10 in gas per day. That’s $300/month.


Of the 300 I contacted, about 60 would be initially interested.


So I’d spend 3 hours a night… 90 hours per month




And get 60 “leads”.


Crappy leads. From a gas station. That took me 3 hours per night after work to get.


But with THIS funnel, I got over a THOUSAND leads that were truly interested in my business.


I spent $0 to get them. In fact, I made $568.63.


And it took me absolutely zero time.


And at the time, I literally had $40 to spend on ads. I just kept recycling it.


Right then, I knew the power of combining online marketing and network marketing.


I’ll go over the funnel in more depth later next week but here’s the “secret”.


The “Perfect MLM Script” is a highly desired thing in the MLM space.


I didn’t have to convince anyone they needed it. They knew.


And all the upsells, they’re the next logical thing that someone will need to succeed in building their business offline.


I didn’t really know it back then but this funnel succeeded in the “product/market” fit category.


As we’ve talked about before, a product/market fit is your #1 responsibility when crafting a funnel.


Here’s the funnel that changed my life and became the stepping stone to where we’ve been blessed to come today.


Talk soon,




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