Everyone wonders how MLM stacks up against real estate, crypto etc. myself included.


In fact, I have this comparison engine in my head that LOVES to chew on stuff like that.


I’m totally sold out to our company at this point but I still can’t help myself.


You probably don’t know but the first thing I ever wrote was titled “MLM versus
Everything”. Looking back on it, it actually was a pretty good report. Some of it is outdated and even a little elementary but all in all… good.


That said, I wanted to make an updated version for today’s highly inflated, Bitcoin


Here’s the podcast I just recorded on it:


Here's for you droid peeps:



See, I don’t think you’re comparing MLM to your job, no matter what you make because we all know that pretty much every job sucks. Low control, horrible taxes and low options.


So in this updated version, I really compare it against online marketing on it’s own, crypto and real estate, which are what most people are weighing their options against.


It’s a meaty subject, so I’m not going to get into it here but here’s a teaser…


MLM on its own is no bueno. But combined WITH online marketing, it is an unstoppable powerhouse that the other opportunities don’t compete with.


You then take your earnings and funnel them into crypto or real estate.


Here’s the podcast once again:





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