It wouldn’t be a healthy Friday without Cinco Bala. This week's top 5 lessons, hacks and quotes I’ve been pondering, applying and battling.


For those of you who are new, this is a concept I took from Tim Ferriss. (This is just focused on MLM and online marketing) If you don’t subscribe to his newsletter. You should do it.


Lesson in Network Marketing: Lead with Products or Opportunity? I get this question all the time. My opinion?






That's in the video 😉


Bonus Lesson in Network Marketing: No one cares - No one cares about your compensation plan. Especially if they’re not in MLM yet. You realize that almost everyone says that their comp plan is the best right? At this stage in the game, almost every comp plan has very strong points and a few weak points. Almost none of them totally suck. (except some matrix plans)


I nerd out on reading companies comp plans and I can tell you first hand that even the binarys I was told to burn at the stake actually have some strong points. Now I have my preferences, but it’s not accurate in almost any case to say you have the “best comp plan.” The word “best” implies you have a definition to measure it by. Meaning you CAN say “our comp plan pays you “better” than any other one for retail profit (or another specific area) etc.


However, the real lesson here is not to measure the plans. The real lesson is that your prospect DOES NOT care if it’s better than the next one over. They care if YOU + THE PLAN can get them to their goals. Very few people actually care about the products. They care about the dream.


If someone paid you or I $10,000 to pick up dog poop for 5 minutes, would you do it? Probably. Why? Because the result is HUGE for the time invested.


Prospects about the result MORE than the process…



Lesson in Online Marketing: How to Make The Perfect Landing Page - We’ve used this exact formula to make landing pages that convert between 50-90% in an industry that praises 25%.


Most of the ideas in this lesson are not mine - rather repurposed from great marketing teachers. If you’re hoping to use funnels to grow your business, I highly recommend studying this.


Quote I Love: There’s not enough room in your mind for both worry and Faith...


A Blast From The Past - A Sales ah-hah - Stories are more supreme than originally thought - I’ve been in sales in some capacity for 12 years. Be it my first jobs selling cars, my corporate sales gig, 6 years selling network marketing face to face or 4 years selling online.


I’m not the most experienced or successful but I’m no spring chicken either. I’ve learned how to tell stories and deliberately practiced it for 10 of those 12 years. I know that stories are THE thing that can speak to the soul.


But just recently my learning took a quantum leap and I’m realizing that almost ANY successful interaction I’ve ever made in my life has been because of a story I told.


Why is this a lesson? Because I realized that our primary funnel that is crushing it right now is literally black text on white background. That’s it. The story is the star.


One of my favorite things to do is get on stage with a microphone. The best way to captivate an audience? It’s not with knowledge. It’s with stories.


Needless to say, crafting a strategic story versus just randomly pulling one out is hard for someone like me who prefers to just wing it. But when we’re taking people through a funnel, you can’t wing it. You must be very deliberate. Which is why it takes me longer than most to actually write an ad or a sales letter. But when it’s done, it typically doesn’t need to be re-written.


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