I know there’s a lot going on in everyone’s heads right now with all the news. It’s hard to know what’s going to happen next.


But what I do know is that no matter what happens. No matter what kind of "guidelines" are in place.


We are still responsible for our own lives.


That’s why during this interesting time, contrary to the advice of the unsuccessful, I don’t slow our ads down…


I turn them up.


I don’t not invest in myself.


I invest more.


Trump wasn't paying my bills. Biden isn't paying them either.


And if someone ever does...


They want total control of you.


But we both know no one is giving you money to live prosperously.


We all know that first hand. Remember?


The US is printing $6 Trillion to get us out of the original CoronaVirus hole that we’re still not out of.


That’s more than 6 times what they printed for the 08’ crisis…


Yet you received a max of $2400 in a stimulus check.


They printed $6 TRILLION and you and I got $2400 maximum.


Did you know that if you divided $6 Trillion by the 253,768,092 Americans over 18 years old, each adult in America should have all got at least $23,643.63?


But we didn’t. And that’s ok.


If we accept it.


I know there’s a lot of social unrest in the country right now. It would be silly to deny it.


But it would also be silly to deny that my landlord still wants his rent check…


It would be silly to deny that my son still needs diapers and food.


If you’re passionate about the current situation, that’s great and I applaud you. Do your part to change the world.


But in the meantime, we still have to pay our bills and prepare for a future, financially.


When I used to have a job and build this business part time, my rule was - If I show up for my boss today, I’m showing up for my business today.


In the 6 years I worked a job while building this business, I never broke that rule. Not even once.


If I was too sick to build my business, then I called in sick to work. It forced me to be real with myself.


I don’t know what is going to happen in 50-100 years from now. No one does. But I do know that the people who are living the most quality lives right now, especially during these times…


Are online entrepreneurs and network marketers.


The best ones are online network marketers.


So today, let’s remember that everything is going to be ok.


The world is not going to end. And neither are you.


You’ve made it this far haven’t you?


You know how I know there’s more fight in you?


Because you're reading these words.


You’re still breathing. And you clearly have a dream.


The country will recover. And we will be united again.


I think you should do your part in this country but I also think…


That it’s ok to run YOUR race for YOUR family.


Not mine, not the president’s, not the governor's. Yours.


The American dream was always about each of us being able to run our own race and building the life that we want to build.


That dream is still available to all of us today.


Let’s go get it.


I believe in you.




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