I was largely unhappy AND broke for my first 7 years of network marketing.


It’s one thing you’re happy and busted, I wasn’t.


I was broke and pissed.


Here’s the thing: It’s really REALLY hard to succeed if you’re unhappy.


And honestly, if you do succeed while you’re unhappy…


You’ll just be unhappy and “successful.”


Money doesn’t make you happy. But neither does being broke. Money is simply a medium of exchange and having more of it DOES MAKE LIFE EASIER.


So, how do you get happy now and succeed financially?


I explain my process in this video:

And no, this is not some hokey pokey BS. You know me. I wouldn’t waste your time with that. This isn’t the goof troops.


This is actionable advice that you can implement right now to literally become 90-100% content with your life within days AND still have the drive to win.



If you start the video, finish it. It could be the most important 14 minutes of your life.



I honestly wish someone would have taught me this 12 years ago. I may be in the same place financially as I am now but I’d have far less regrets.



Here’s the video:



Talk soon,





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