We get TONS of questions about how to sell your MLM’s products with funnels.
And for good reason…
No one wants to poach their friends and family for an opportunity. And equally, no one wants to bring up their super weight loss pills at Thanksgiving dinner.
What's even worse about destroying your network to make $20 on the super vitamin juice is that it’s not even sustainable!
We used to help downline sell their friends and family products at a “grand opening” when they signed up. 
Essentially we invited 30 of their family and friends to their house and did a big home party.
The new rep would walk away with $200 - $1000 (we’d make almost zero) and they’d be super fired up.
But what sucks is that they NEVER sustained the ongoing orders and could NEVER scale past that initial circle of friends.
And I don’t care how many months in a row you make $200 - $1000.
That’s just not enough to live on.
What IS more sustainable is selling your MLM products to customers that are OUTSIDE of your network. If you can do that, you can scale it and actually make a long term income.
Doing it well is counterintuitive. 
It’s (usually) not about leading with your company’s product.
And it’s not even about leading with a personal brand or personal testimony…
In fact, the solution is much more eloquent and underutilized than that.

And I bare it all in this video:

I don’t want you to enjoy the video.
I want you to get results from it.
So watch it. Then implement it immediately.
Talk soon,
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