Successful Facebook ads is 50% messaging (the copy) and 50% targeting.
That’s not the case with every platform but it is with Facebook.
We’ve spent hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars on Facebook ads and I can tell you flat out that a crappy ad with a good target is pretty likely to perform at low scale.
A great ad with bad targeting though…
Most likely won’t perform at all.
Obviously the key is to get a GREAT ad with a GREAT target. That’s how you make a huge ROI. But in the beginning you’re just looking to dial in.
Here’s the bottom line when you’re starting out.
-Set the campaign goal for leads (conversions).
-Target based on interests
-And optimize for CPM (conversions)
I give all the details in this

YouTube video here:

Where you really start hitting it big is when you have enough data to build a lookalike audience.
Combine that with retargeting ads like we talked about the other day and you’ll be unstoppable.
Legit, if you just spent $100-$200/day on a solid ad with a good offer, you should be making multiple six figures.
Once again, here’s the video explaining the targeting process we use.
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