Let’s be honest: Selling network marketing company products sucks.
Your customer base is your family and you’re both pretty sick of it.
Your commission is 30% - 50% at best on a product that costs a hundred bucks.
And no one really reorders enough to actually make a dent in your finances after expenses.
Doesn’t exactly sound fun when you could be dropshipping, Doing Amazon FBA, selling courses or driving Uber.
What we all want is a business that is not dependent on our immediate network. Just like every other business, ever.
And selling products is essential to the success of a network marketing company. So we need to devise a way to sell our company’s products without wanting to shoot ourselves.

This is how.


Here’s the bottom line:


Use advertising and sales funnels. Duh.


But don’t lead with your company’s product. Lead with something else entirely, then upsell them into your product.


Now does this work with EVERY SINGLE EXAMPLE ever?




But if you filter it through a brain cell, I’m confident that you can easily adapt this to nearly any MLM product situation you can think of.


And if you can’t…


Do you really want to represent that product?


Lastly, this is not a knock on MLM or their products. Our WHOLE business is built in and around MLM. We obviously love the industry and its products.


This is simply a new and superior way to do business.


Once again, here is the video:


Talk soon,



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