A question I get a lot is “Should I lead with the products or the opportunity?”


Hands down, the opportunity.


Product focused teams can grow like wildfire and it’s much easier to stay compliant but if ANYTHING shakes the tree, the reps are out as fast as they got in.


What’s worse is sometimes the tree isn’t just shaken but virtually uprooted.


Not long ago a billion dollar company had its best selling product essentially banned from the market due to the FDA disliking its primary ingredient.


That would smoke most teams.


However, if it was a team of long term business builders instead of product pushers, they could have adapted much easier and focused on other products in the lineup versus jumping ship.


So the question is, how do you recruit business builders?


I go over the strategy in this video:

Now, the first 7 minutes are all set up - telling you why business builders are better than product pushers and how many you actually need to have a multi-six figure income.


So if you want to skip straight to the ‘how-to’, you can but I recommend at least going back to the beginning and learning the why behind it.


Once again, here is the video: https://youtu.be/g63HphrjnoE


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