Ad costs are going up but that doesn’t mean you still can’t dominate. In fact, it’s exposing the weaknesses in other businesses, allowing you to swallow them up and grow faster than ever before.


The first step to lowering CPL is to recognize you’re not in an isolated fight.


Your CPL is not determined by a Facebook ads wizard at the top of a mountain.


It’s determined by how many advertisers are competing for the same traffic.


Your obvious goal is to beat them.



I explain the process in this video and honestly, it’s not as hard as you think but at the same time…


It’s not about some slick ninja tactic. It’s about completely changing your paradigm of advertising.


Remember, if you control the leads in a market, you will control the growth of your company. If you don’t, you won’t. This is why so many network marketers struggle.


Here’s the fix:


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