We’ve all had the prospect probing us far beyond our comfort zone.


Here’s the trick I’ve found to deal with it:


It’s called the answer twist.


It means answering something head on and ending with a question.


I see so many trainings about smoothly handling the ‘pyramid scam’ objection and more...


The crappy part about the smooth tactics is that only smooth operators can pull them off.


I don’t know about you but it’s pretty hard for me to remember all the slick lines when a prospect is hammering me in real time.


Want to know what I found works every time?


The truth.


If you try to evade the elephant in the room, it will either be discovered or someone will leave because something “feels off”.


Here's a video explaining exactly how this is done.

But here’s the answer twist: Answer the question then end with a question back to them.


“Is this a pyramid scam”?


No, why would you ask that?


Now, it’s back on them to defend their position. As we all know, most questions prospects have are just to make themselves sound smart and that they did their due diligence.


Truly smart prospects are intelligent enough to not ask stupid questions.


And when the prospect has to answer why they would ask that, I’m typically met with a response that defeats their original objection to begin with.


Once again, here is the video explaining exactly how this is done.




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