1,227 leads for $0.


That’s how many leads we generated in a few months of our first “SLO” funnel.


We got 1,227 people into our ecosystem from Facebook ads in the course of 4 months and spent…


$0 to do it.


How is that possible?


Self liquidating offer funnels or “SLO’s”.


It means that if we spend $100 on ads today, we’ll make at least $100 back today. So all the leads we generate are “free”.


Then we can present our business opportunity to them and enroll the right ones.


The reason this is so powerful is because of…




I explain it all in this video:

See, the reason why network marketers grow so slow is because it takes someone a long time to actually enroll someone.


From the initial contact to enrollment taking between a few days to weeks.


All for a measly commission of a few hundred bucks. You can see why it takes so long to make a full time income. You’re literally forced to wait for OTHER PEOPLE to grow - which as you know, can take a while.


This kind of growth strategy is moderately acceptable for a real estate agent. Since they’ll make $5k - $20k per transaction, they can afford to wait and do all the work it takes to get the house sold - from contact to escrow.


But truly good marketers don’t play by the same rules.


True marketers figure out how to use scale to their advantage from day one.


If it takes me 10 days to enroll one person and make $450, that’s ok.


But what if I can enroll one person per day for $450. Does that change the game?


What if I compound that effect by 100 reps?


That’s called scale.


And the ONLY way this is possible without killing yourself and working 168 hours per week is with a marketing SYSTEM that works for you 24/7.


That’s called a “SLO”.


So here’s the video again explaining the MOST vital fulcrum lever in your toolkit: https://youtu.be/16M3VW50SQo


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