No one duplicates in MLM because no one wants to do MLM.


For real.


Think about it. Who really wants to be the weirdo in the thing, stalking all their friends about the thing?


Who really wants to sling $100 vitamins and MLM intro packs all day?


Who really wants to join something where we put our relationships at risk for measly commissions?


I sure don’t.


See back in the day, MLM had sex appeal. There was no other competition.


Today, people have TONS of options for making extra money or replacing their income.


They can do Amazon FBA, Shopify, Sell courses, High ticket sales, Affiliate marketing, freelancing, own an agency and TONS others.


If you don’t believe me, just scroll on Facebook for 5 seconds and watch the ads.


Now, you know I LOVE MLM. It’s all we do. But I love it so much I refuse to let you or the industry stay where it’s at.


The reason people DO NOT join an opportunity is because they don’t want to do it.


The way to get EVERYONE to join is to CREATE an opportunity that they want to do naturally.


I explain it all in this video:

But here’s the bottom line:


You need to find or create a methodology of building your business that people truly want to do.


You can’t re-wrap crap and pass it off as a good opportunity. You actually need something sexy.


If your opportunity truly competes with the competition, it will duplicate like wildfire and you’ll have new problems to deal with. Like how to handle the growth.


I’m serious. It’s a real thing.


Here’s the video again.


And if you want to see how we created our methodology, you can check it out here:


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