Fixing ALL of your recruiting problems is actually pretty simple assuming you’re taking action.
I’ll bottom line it and then back it up.
You need to track your DATA.
Ok bye.
But seriously, that’s it.
Track your data - make decisions based on what you see and you’ll naturally improve assuming you actually want to progress.
We had a guy who spent $1,000 in ads to recruit one person and make $600 back. Not terrible considering it was his second month but it’s still a loss of $400.
Thankfully he tracked each of his campaigns thoroughly.
Upon review, he saw that ONE of his campaigns brought in the majority of his quality applicants and it’s also where that new rep came from.
That ONE campaign cost…
So he actually only spent $35 to make $600 and get a new rep.
What’s the next logical course of action?
Kill the other $965 worth of campaigns and double down on the $35 one.
And that’s exactly what he did.
Doing something as basic as tracking your data is so vital, I

recorded a video about it for you.


Now, remember that tracking your data means NOTHING if you have no data to track.


This is only helpful if you’re taking lots of action.


There is NO way to tell which $35 was going to produce the results. The ONLY way to do it was to spend the $1000.


You MUST take action or NONE of this matters.


Now, also realize that you don’t need to start with $1k if you don’t have it. We didn’t. I started with $40.


This guy in the story had the money, so he took massive action immediately.


Here’s the video again to explain this in detail:


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