It’s funny to me that so many networkers say they’re “free” or “retired” when they actually work 30-60 hours a week.


If they’re truly retired, they should be able to walk away from their business for months on end without warning, right?


Well, 99% of six-figure earners who’d do that would come back home to an imploded business.


Sure, there are many 7 and multi 7-figure earners who are truly free but they’re either free because:


1. They have a bunch of 6-figure peasants doing the work or...


2. They intelligently put a system in place early on that could duplicate well.


Most of them fall into camp #1.


In this video, I’m going to show you the base layer of duplication that if you implement it, can help you have a peaceful life long before reaching 6-figures WHILE growing faster than you thought possible.

But it comes down to just a few things:


1. Be the example you want to see. Duh.


2. Set up specific “rules” in your team and NEVER deviate from them.


3. Have a business model that duplicates naturally (most don’t).


I’ll never forget all the conversations I’ve had with 6-figure earners who literally hate their life because they basically babysit a bunch of whining pansies who want something for nothing.


Honestly, if I had to do that, I would rather do something else than MLM.


But there IS a better way.


Here it is:


Talk soon,




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