Yes, you can duplicate in MLM with funnels.


In fact they duplicate way faster than old school IF you follow what I’m about to tell you.


If you don’t, you’ll be up crap creek as a one man show.


My first successful recruiting funnel didn’t duplicate because I tried to teach other “normal” people how to do it.


As you can imagine, most “normal” people can’t make a whiz bang funnel that recruits truckloads of reps.


So they floundered, complained and made me want to take my skills outside of MLM.


But what they CAN do is talk to interested applicants from MY funnel.


That is an easy sell.


I’ll take care of the lead gen, you enroll them.


I explain the whole process in this video:

Once the leader's show themselves, THEN I show them how to build the whole thing for themselves.


So the 80%’s can grow with my leads, the 20%’s can explode with them and then the 2%’s can build their own system once they attain success with mine.


This is FAR better than trying to duplicate old school.


In a world where our prospects can sell courses, be a freelancer (agency), sell Amazon stuff and a gillion other things, telling them to hit up their mom to sell skin care is not exactly a sexy opportunity.


But giving them high quality leads to build a passive income from home is.


Now, is building your recruiting system (funnel) a PITA?




But once it’s built, you and your team can create a MASSIVE business from the effort and best of all…


You don’t have to rebuild it for a long time.


Everyday, we’re generating crazy amounts of leads and applicants for ourselves and our team from effort I largely put in 2 years ago.


Again, here’s the video:


Talk soon,




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