Most people “building online” or “doing online marketing” are not.


In fact, they’re just doing the same old school BS... but on a computer.


Stalking Facebook groups is an awful like stalking gas stations…


Big Zoom meetings are hotel meetings…


And friend stalking… well that’s still the same.


Point is, that while the ATM method is a heck of a lot better than hitting up Target again, it’s got NOTHING on a full fledged recruiting SYSTEM.


A system is something that at a minimum brings in QUALITY leads to you every day and at it’s best, enrolls those people into your team automatically.


Don’t be fooled into thinking that old school recruiting on the interwebs is actually online marketing or that it’s sustainable. It’s not.


But if you’re here, you know that - so let’s get to it.


You need a fully automated recruiting system to get what you deserve. And fully automated is exactly what it sounds like - fully automated.


But before you can automate anything, you need to have something that works.


We call that a “Leveraged Recruiting System” - where you get 5, 10, 20, 30 or 300 quality leads per day that want to speak with you.


Once you’re good at closing those people, you can work on automating it.


I explain the process in this video here:

The secondary purpose of the Leveraged Recruiting System is that it gives you a “story” and credibility that you can use inside of the automated system.


(Remember, no one wants to join the team of someone with no results or cred, so it’s IMPERATIVE that you get results with the leveraged system before automating it.)


I want you to know each and every step of putting this together and more importantly, I want you to implement it and get results.


Here’s the video again where I explain the whole thing:


Talk soon,




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